But it's just a bucket...

"I'm feeling sick," he said. He's only five but he did look a whit off colour.

"Where do you feel sick?" I asked.

"In my tummy."

"How's your head feeling?" I asked - just in case.

"Good," he said, "I'm just sick in my tummy."

"Do you feel like you're going to be sick?" A dodgy question at best: one that's turned into something of a self-fulfilling prophecy in the past."

"No - just a little bit." By now, he was looking clammy and of a Grinch-ish hue.

"Right - if you feel sick, use this," I said, thrusting an orange bucket onto his lap; a bucket retrieved from a surprisingly crowded medical room - a sore foot, a possible broken arm and at least a 'brace' of first aiders.  We phoned  bucket-boy's home but no transport options were immediately available for the whanau to come and pick him up. No problem - we'd drop him off.

As the brace of first aiders had swelled to a clutch; I said I'd drive boy and bucket home. And I did. And although he carefully cradled his bucket all the way home, a couple of dry-retches aside: it was not needed. So back to school I went.

And as I strolled down the passage to return the bucket; it was whipped from my hands: "A-ha - I've been looking for that!"

Perplexed at the vigorous response; I offered a weak, "Why?"

Silently pointing to the black lettering on the outside of the bucket, she said,

"Health lesson - obviously!" And walked off muttering something about the bleeding obvious.

Fair enough too  - the bucket's message was a very clear "5 plus a day" - how close we had been filling it with totally the wrong sort of 'greens'.




How hard can it be?

During the "summer" break we set out to revamp the school website. Whoever said "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions" hit the nail right on the head.  In chucking out the metaphorical bathwater (comprised mainly of entires and info long past their 'use-by' dates); more than one metaphorical baby also went with it. The net effect of attempting a job unhindered by any real knowledge or the reading of instructions? Pretty much re-establishing our content - largely from scratch.


So: spring-cleaning done - roll on 2017...