Specialist Programmes Offered at Waverley Park School

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that is given to 6 year old children that are at risk of falling behind their peers.  Only 10-20% of children require Reading Recovery.  It involves a daily, 30 minute lesson with a trained Reading Recovery Teacher, with each activity in the lesson allowing for a variety of competencies to be developed as the child engages in active problem-solving in reading and writing. 


Gifted & Talented

At Waverley Park we offer children identified as gifted & talented access to specialist programmes.  Decisions are made on an individual basis; and are based on standardized testing.  To date, we have offered an extension maths programme for children who were identified as having a talent in this area.  

 Individual teacher time can be offered to gifted students to support and extend their abilities in areas of interest and strength.


Science Certificate

This is a new to Waverley Park this year.  Year 3 – 6 children who have an interest and strength in science will be given the opportunity to participate in this programme.  This is voluntary, and most of the work is done at home.  It is a great opportunity for students who want to personally extend themselves.  For more information go to:


Perceptual Motor Programme

What is PMP?

PMP is a motor coordination programme for school age children.  A PMP programme consists of the 5 areas shown in the diagram below.

 The PMP programme aims to develop children's motor skills and accurate use of positional language that are foundation skills for many activities in the classroom.


  • helps children with motor coordination, self esteem, social skills and the ability to cope better in the classroom.
  • helps teachers recognise children's needs in relation to hand-eye, balance, locomotion and fitness.
  • gives children strategies for problem solving.
  • gives perception of self, space and time.
  • practising skills in a fun, organised way.
  • uses precise language that allows children to explain position and movement clearly.

 The child needs the motor skills of balance, locomotion, fitness and eye-hand coordination to function effectively.  Children with common problems of inattention, day dreaming, wandering, laziness, clumsiness, disruptive behaviour etc are often children who have a poorly developed "perceptual world".  These are the children who become frustrated with school and optimal learning is not achieved.

 We realise that some children enter the classroom, unable to hold a pencil correctly, and cannot sit still long enough to cope with instruction and the many challenges formal schooling brings.  A well run PMP programme will help address these problems.  It caters well for children who are easily switched off learning, and need to develop a self esteem.


Resource Teacher of Literacy

Helen Campbell  offers literacy support to the teachers and students at Waverley Park School. She plans and supervises the Supervision Programme for Helen Moeke and her students, and meets with staff to update them on this literacy support programme's success to date.  There are also newly referred children who will begin a supervision programme in the near future.

Helen Campbell oversees the Talk First Programme for 5 year olds who have just started school and need support with oral language.  Helen Moeke takes each of these children for approximately 30 sessions.