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Kia Manawanui 11; Multiple Intelligences (Term 1 Inquiry)

By the end of this inquiry our tamariki in Room 11 will ....

  • Understand that all learners have unique talents, gifts and personality

  • Understand Gardner's eight areas of intelligences

  • Identify own Multiple Intelligence strengths and areas for growth development

  • Use Multiple Intelligences to help enable us in the learning process

The first step in our inquiry process is ‘Finding Out.’  We have been rotating around 6 immersion stations to find out more about Multiple Intelligence.

Station 1: Reflect on the meaning of the word smart or intelligent.

Station 2: Discover more about our ‘Multiple Intelligences’ by filling in a survey.

Station 3: Play card games to introduce the 8 Multiple Intelligences.

Station 4: Participate in on-line interactive experiences in each of the Multiple Intelligences.

Station 5: View a collection of people’s amazing skills and talents.

Station 6: Experience a choice of 3 fun multiple intelligence activities using a Tic-tac-toe game board.

Helen & Raiha


Shopping for a Book

Room 11 Readers

We teach our readers that one of the most important things to do to become a better reader is to read good-fit books, and the I-PICK acronym is just the tool to help them make great selections.

I PICK Good-Fit Books

I select a book and look it over, inside and out.

Purpose: Why might I want to read it?

Interest: Does it interest me?

Comprehend: Do I understand what I am reading?

Know: Do I know most of the words?


Children who learn to select good-fit books are empowered to make excellent reading choices whether they are at school, at home, at a bookstore or in a public library.  Shopping for books is part of our ‘Daily 5’ reading programme.

Helen & Rahia



Sports overview...

This is an overview of sports events for this term.  The school is able to co-ordinate some of these sports BUT not all.  If you are keen to help with the co-ordination of a sport that is not offered by the school, please let us know.  The coloured areas indicate staff are helping with. We are providing this information now so that you and your children can have a think about what they may want to participate in and organise sporting events around your weekly schedules.

Please note that dates sometimes change, and some sports may be added to this list over the course of the year.    School-offered sports teams are depended on support of coaches and volunteers to help.

Term One



Competition Day





2 March - 7 April


           Year 1-6


28 February -

4 April

Junior Water Polo

(Teams continue to Terms 3 and 4)

Year 1 - 3 (learners pool) &

4 - 8 (main pool)


24 February-

7 April

Cricket - Kiwi 8's

Year 1 - 8 (soft ball)


20 February -

27 March

Cricket - Girls Smash

Year 3-8


20 February -

27 March

Football Festival - one off

Year 5-6


10 March

Southland Surfing Scholastics Championships

(must be able to catch a wave independently)

Year 1-13

One off

25 February

Colac Bay

School Wide Touch development with Touch Southland

Year 3-6

2 sessions each

Varies over term.

In-school touch games

Year 1-6

One off


Phoenix  Zone Athletics

Whole school

One off

Tuesday 28 March

(Postponement date - first fine day)

Southland Athletics

Children selected from Southern Zone Athletics

One off

           8 April

AMP/ILT Kids Triathlon

(out of school sport)


One off

19 March 2017

Badminton Southland

(Have A Go Day - out of school)

One off

12 February  -1am - 2pm

Surf to City

(out of school sport)


One off

Sunday 12 March

Southland Schools Swimming Champs

Qualifying swimmers only - competitive swimmers

One off

Sunday 9th April